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Tips for Achieving Goals in Your Life

goal-settingOne of the most common reasons people hire coaches is to help them reach a goal. Coaches can be powerful catalysts for success, but it’s up to each of us to do the work to have the life we want.

Here are a few tips to stay focused, motivated and on track with your goals, no matter what they are:

  • Write down your goals and review them each day. Post them in places you will see them.
  • Create affirmations – positive statements with a vision of an accomplished goal.
  • Be willing to reassess your goals and make adjustments as needed. This isn’t about giving up, it’s about staying on a realistic path to ensure success.
  • Talk about your goals and your progress with people who support you.
  • While constructive feedback from others can be helpful, limit exposure to naysayers who don’t share or support your vision.
  • Envision – through journaling, meditation or even daydreaming – how your goals will benefit other people. What is the bigger impact or purpose behind your goal?
  • Don’t let a setback or mistake discourage you. Understand that setbacks will happen and see them as learning experiences that will help you refine your focus and action plan.
  • If you’re feeling stuck, journal about it to help identify why you are feeling stuck. That awareness will help you figure out the support you might need or next steps to break through the challenge.
  • Push yourself through moments of frustration or lack of motivation by recalling how it will feel when you accomplish your goal – and then do something, however small, toward your goal.
  • Take care of your whole self while working toward a goal. Make sure you are taking time for people and activities that bring you joy and give you a sense of calm.
  • Be sure to acknowledge and celebrate the milestones along the way to your larger goals, those smaller goals you have set between the big ones.

EnJOY your day!


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