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Empower Circles coaches recognize that each of us really wants the same basic things in life – Peace, Love, Joy, Purpose and Success. Our goal is to bring powerful, life-changing programs and coaching into our communities to make the attainment of these universal desires more accessible.

If you are an individual ready to get to the next level of life or represent a business or organization looking for passionate coaches and speakers, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Our Various Workshop Topics: (Click on respective blue link)


Now more than ever, we want to maintain inner peace no matter what is going on around us. The Peace modules help us develop the skills and courage to face life with faith rather than fear.


The Love modules help us develop,improve and maintain healthy, meaningful relationships at all levels – with our children, parents, life partners, colleagues, friends…everyone in our lives.


It’s easy to get caught up in our day-to-day habits, obligations and routines, while forgetting those things in life that light our fire. The Joy modules help us stay on a positive, optimistic path.


The Success modules help us break down unproductive patterns that get in the way of our success and replace them with critical, practical life skills.


Connecting with our authentic self helps us live congruent with our values. The Purpose modules help us define, or redefine, why we’re here and fill our lives with meaning.