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loveThe Love modules help us develop,improve and maintain healthy, meaningful relationships at all levels – with our children, parents, life partners, colleagues, friends…everyone in our lives.

Strengthening Your Important Relationships

Sometimes it seems that the relationships that matter most to us are often the most neglected. We trust that those closest to us will understand when we are busy and distracted by other things. We also allow our relationships – whether with a spouse or partner, another family member, or a friend – to fall into a rut, sustained by mindless habits and patterns that starve rather than feed the relationship. In the end, not only does the relationship suffer, but so, too, does our own personal growth and fulfillment. Empower yourself and your relationships by releasing yourself from the fears, habits, expectations, “shoulds,” and relationship myths that limit our freedom. This, in turn, will support your movement in a new direction beyond your known limits to a vibrant place of growth and renewal in your most important relationships.

Jazzing Up Your Marriage or Relationship

Sometimes it seems that when we get together with a bunch of girlfriends we spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about our significant others. In our quest to “jazz up” our relationships, we’ll be focusing on what’s right about our partners and playing with ways to infuse those connections with positive, upbeat energy. Learn empowering techniques to become what relationship expert Susan Page calls the “loving leader” in your relationship by focusing on positive, loving actions toward your partner versus trying to change him or her (which many of us know firsthand tends to create friction rather than understanding in our relationships!). You will also explore numerous relationship energy boosters that can help create better communication, deeper intimacy and more playfulness in your partnership.

Journaling Your Way to Better Relationships

There are so many kinds of love – passionate love, friendship, familial, love for humanity, for God, for Life, for all that is. Moments of kindness, thoughtful dialogues, tender touches, shared laughter and tears can all tip the scale toward love. There are many journaling tools and strategies that can support us in expanding our sense of love and deep connections. We can each open ourselves to more LOVE by paying attention to and acknowledging the ways we are already giving and receiving love. Join with other women to explore and experience several of these techniques and to share what you discover in the process. Group dialogue also offers a way to reveal a diversity of attitudes toward love and, perhaps, to expand your own definition and perspective Take away a commitment and specific action steps to savor and expand your capacity to experience love.

Mindful Dating for Empowered Women

Have you ever felt like you just can’t find the right person to share your life with? Have you held yourself back in relationships with old beliefs? You know the ones: “I’m not attractive enough”, “All the good ones are taken,” “You can’t trust men,” “I might get hurt.” Attracting the right relationship is not about how to dress or what to say, but about finding yourself. Mindful dating is first and foremost a process of self-discovery. Knowing who you are helps you know what you want and set the right boundaries. Explore how you can balance your head with your heart so you can make good relationship choices and create a new relationship vision that can help you move forward with confidence. It’s time to end the cycle of serial dating and get on the road to lasting love!