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peaceNow more than ever, we want to maintain inner peace no matter what is going on around us. The Peace modules help us develop the skills and courage to face life with faith rather than fear.

Stress Management for Overwhelmed Women

It’s time to get off the “hamster wheel” and embrace a more peaceful existence! Come join with friends to share and acknowledge major life stressors, identify stress busters that you already use in life and explore additional stress reduction techniques from the coach and the group. Start creating positive actions and practices that capitalize on the “tend and befriend” response and make a commitment to infuse stress-busting actions/practices into your life. You can feel more peaceful no matter what is going on around you…and work toward eliminating the word “overwhelmed” from your vocabulary. Feels better already!

Embracing Optimism in Tough Times

When we’re mired in challenges and difficult times, it can be especially hard to hold an optimistic outlook. Our coping mechanism is often chowing down on comfort food in front of the tv while wallowing in a “woe is me” attitude – no judgment here, we’ve all been there! Instead, empower yourself with “Realistic Optimism”. Develop practical techniques to honestly assess and accept your current circumstances, reframe your language and thinking in a positive direction, and set an inspiring vision and plan for a brighter longer-term outcome. You can feel better and gain a stronger sense of control during life’s challenges. It’s time to reclaim your dreams and sense of peace and develop the skills that will help you maintain them!

Journaling Your Way to Inner Peace

The possibilities for being at peace are all around us. We can each open ourselves to more peacefulness by paying attention to and acknowledging the ways we already are doing so. There are many journaling tools and strategies that can support us in expanding our sense of peace and calm. Join with other women to explore and experience several of these techniques and to share what you discover in the process. In a group setting, hearing about what peace means to others and how they define and design harmonious space for themselves can be revealing and inspirational Take away a commitment and specific action steps to savor and expand your capacity to be at peace.

Managing Life’s Big Changes

Unexpected change is a fact of life. It can leave us feeling unsettled and sometimes rattled – whether we perceive it as a “good” change or a “bad” change. People, jobs, responsibilities, money – all sorts of things – come and go in our life. How many transitions are you in the midst of right now? Isn’t it comforting to know that you can learn to re-frame your fears around dealing with unexpected change, “let go,” and maintain a strong sense of self, even when everything around you seems to be shifting. Deepen your understanding of the transition process and empower yourself with new life skills that will help you release the feeling of chaos and embrace a consistent sense of hope and relief.

A Conversation about the Soul

It is common for us to speak of the soul, though when asked, many have a tough time describing what it is. And, if you ask several people, you will find that they have different views on what it is. At the Empower Party, we will have the opportunity to examine what the soul means to each of us. Be prepared for a fascinating evening designed for you to bring more soul to your everyday life. This is an opportunity to expand your consciousness and bring a concrete understanding of what you and others mean when you speak of the soul. You will explore what actions you can take to strengthen your soul and an awareness of what damages it.

Resilience Part I – Uncovering Your Inner Strength

If we are human and are alive, chances are that we have faced adversity and have come through it. As humans we have a strong capacity to be resilient. And it can always be strengthened. During this session, you will have the opportunity to consider the concept of resilience, to explore the qualities of resilient people, and to share and hear from others about how resilience has played a part in their lives. You will also learn tips that can strengthen your capacity to be resilient and have the opportunity to determine an area in your life where you can apply insights from the party to strengthen your resilience.

Resilience Part II – The Art of Bending, Not Breaking

Building on the first conversation, participants will focus on how resilience shows up in nature and in their own lives during the most challenging of times. How does one learn to be more resilient, to bend without breaking? How does a personal vision for one’s future impact one’s capacity for resilience? You will also learn further tips that can strengthen your resilience muscle and have the opportunity to determine an area in your life where you can apply insights from the party to strengthen your resilience.