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successThe Success modules help us break down unproductive patterns that get in the way of our success and replace them with critical, practical life skills.

Balancing Competing Priorities: “Going with the Grey” to Have More

Life often feels like a series of black and white choices between competing interests and wishes. Living in that either/or mindset, we usually give in to the strongest pressures and sacrifice our other dreams and interests. Have you ever had to ask, “will it be work OR will it be family today?” Most of us have. But what if you were able to shift your thinking – to consider how you might have “both/and” instead of “either/or”? This “going with the grey” kind of thinking challenges and expands us as humans and gives us a capacity for dealing with life’s ambiguity and complexity. We can consider these competing priorities as gifts to balance as appropriate. That may not make things easier, but it can afford us some measure of what we want or need from each competing interest and help us feel a bit more in control. Turns out grey can neutralize your wardrobe and your stress!

Resilience Part 1:

Uncovering Your Inner Strength

If we are human and are alive, chances are that we have faced adversity and have come through it. As humans we have a strong capacity to be resilient. And it can always be strengthened. At the Empower Party, you will have the opportunity to consider the concept of resilience, to explore the qualities of resilient people, and to share and hear from others about how resilience has played a part in their lives. You will also learn tips that can strengthen your capacity to be resilient and have the opportunity to determine an area in your life where you can apply insights from the party to strengthen your resilience.

Resilience Part 2:

The Art of Bending, Not Breaking

Building on the first conversation, participants will focus on how resilience shows up in nature and in their own lives during the most challenging of times. How does one learn to be more resilient, to bend without breaking? How does a personal vision for one’s future impact one’s capacity for resilience? You will also learn further tips that can strengthen your resilience muscle and have the opportunity to determine an area in your life where you can apply insights from the party to strengthen your resilience.

Launching 2013 on a Path to Success!

As the year draws to a close and we look ahead to a new one, it is helpful to review our year. When we take stock of the past 12 months, we get a better sense of our own evolution. We’re better able to gain closure and perspective on the low points, and prepare ourselves for creating a vision for what we want from the new year. It’s about more than making resolutions that fade in a month or two. At this Empower Party you’ll look at creating a compelling vision of how you want your year to unfold, actions and goals needed, and how to hold the focus throughout the year.

Journaling Your Way To Success

Success means different things to different people as well as different things to each of us at different times in our lives. There are many journaling tools and strategies that can support us in expanding our sense of success and self satisfaction. We can set the tone for future successes by paying attention to and acknowledging the ways and whys we are already successful. Join with other women to explore and experience several of these techniques and to share what you discover in the process. Group dialogue also offers a way to reveal a diversity of attitudes toward success and, perhaps, to expand your own definition and perspective take away a commitment and specific action to celebrate and build upon your successes.

It’s About Time!:

Smart Choices for Busy Women

Attention and intention are KEY to using time well. Isn’t it about time you focused on developing strategies to sift through all the opportunities and obligations, pleasureful invitations and priorities, challenges and choices that are either imposed upon you or made available to you, in order to make wise decisions? This module is an invitation to join with other women in an exploration of where and how you spend your precious time. Discover ways to stay accountable to making the most of your time. Learn practical strategies for choosing wisely and well in order to assure that you make the most of your moments and, by extension, the days of your life.

Encouraging the Creative Spirit

If you are feeling stuck in some area of your life, it can be valuable for you to expand your understanding of how you can best access your creativity. All of us have habits that we do in our life; ways of doing, thinking and being that typically serve us. However we often face circumstances where it is important to find a new perspective, get out of our routine, come up with fresh ideas. It can be in any aspect of your life; your relationships, your work, your health, your attitudes. At the Empower Party, you will learn ways to appreciate your unique creativity, and several things you can do to enhance and more readily access your creative spirit. You will experience an easy technique that demonstrates the creativity that everyone has available to them, and that you can readily apply in every aspect of your life. Be prepared for a fun and empowering experience.